• I added a new section to my website called "Write YOUR Adventure" with creative writing prompts for you to try out! See what you think!
  • Novel #2 and a new picture book are solidly underway. Meanwhile, I am querying agents about my first novel. I hope to have some exciting news soon!


"Are Billions of Neurons Better?" Spigot Science, May 2016.

 "The Creativity Machine:Your Brain at Work and Play." Spigot Science, May 2016.

"Water Harvesting with Fog Catchers." Spigot Science, February 2016. 

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"Diving In To Save Our Underwater Cities."   AppleseedsJuly/August 2013.


Superhero Science! I visited the 67th Street branch of the New York Public Library as part of the 2015 Imagination Academy!

Imagination Academy 2015

Instagram Fun (casual Snaps)