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Explorer's Club: James Cameron!

Today, I'm kicking off a new feature on my Adventures! Blog: the Explorer's Club. I wrote about the Explorer's Club once before (here). It's a real place in New York City where explorers share their adventures and their discoveries. On the blog, I'll use it to talk about people who are making amazing discoveries and dreaming big about our world.

Not So Silent Seas

At the surface, you hear very little: perhaps the splash of water as a humpback whale breaches the surface or a tail slaps the surface on the way down. Above the surface, the noise is often uniquely human: the roar boat motors, buzzing of airplanes, the thrum of whatever vessel has brought you to sea. There is also the sound of the water: the snapping, slapping, blurping, shooshing, whooshing of the water, depending on the sea's mood.