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It's FINally Time! A Diver's Eye View of Ocean Wonders: Shark

I've also had a diver's eye view of Ocean Wonders from the ground-breaking to the opening. I've watched the building go from imagination to reality. Until Ocean Wonders: Sharks opened, we couldn't share any photos, so I decided to wait until the official opening to share a little bit about Ocean Wonders (and so I could show you photos!). 

Remember: the only thing more awesome than a shark... is a LOT of sharks! 

New Yorkers

Even though New York is a huge city with lots of traffic and buildings, we have nature here too. I am totally in love with this new campaign called #WildlifeNYC that is bringing awareness to some of the wild New Yorkers you might see every day

Are You A Nature Detective?

The first part of being a nature detective in January when it's 20 degrees outside is making sure you're dressed for the job! I wrapped up in lots of layers, warm gloves, my trusty turtle hat, and a nice, snuggly scarf. I also brought a thermos of homemade peppermint hot chocolate to warm me up when I got too cold! We didn't need magnifying glasses like Sherlock Holmes because the clues were all around us. And once Hazel showed us what to look for, there were signs of life everywhere!