All in Stuff to Do


Looking for a little at home fun? Something that doesn't involve t.v., iPads, phones, tablets or screens in general?  (I know, I know, screens are sooo tempting!) Asia Citro has a great book, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids. As much as I love my tech, I also love putting it away. Most often that happens when I'm underwater or on a hike. But, sometimes declaring a screen free day at home can be fun too!

Are You A Nature Detective?

The first part of being a nature detective in January when it's 20 degrees outside is making sure you're dressed for the job! I wrapped up in lots of layers, warm gloves, my trusty turtle hat, and a nice, snuggly scarf. I also brought a thermos of homemade peppermint hot chocolate to warm me up when I got too cold! We didn't need magnifying glasses like Sherlock Holmes because the clues were all around us. And once Hazel showed us what to look for, there were signs of life everywhere!

Stir Crazy Yet?

School vacations can be super fun: trips to see friends and family, family activities, reading, games, movies, crafts, music, sports, and more. It's great to have a break from our regular schedules. But sometimes so much unstructured time can get boring. I mean, just how many pillow forts can you build during one winter break? How many pillow fights can you have?