All in Ocean Wonders

It's FINally Time! A Diver's Eye View of Ocean Wonders: Shark

I've also had a diver's eye view of Ocean Wonders from the ground-breaking to the opening. I've watched the building go from imagination to reality. Until Ocean Wonders: Sharks opened, we couldn't share any photos, so I decided to wait until the official opening to share a little bit about Ocean Wonders (and so I could show you photos!). 

Remember: the only thing more awesome than a shark... is a LOT of sharks! 


A quick research trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. WHOI is one of my (many) favorite places. It's all about hands-on science. The whole village of Woods Hole is dedicated to thinking about ocean research and science. What's not to love?

I just learned about brinicles for a project I'm working on (more on that later!). Brinicles are icicles that form in the coldest oceans--the Arctic and the Antarctic--under the surface. They are pretty rare: conditions have to be just right including the temperature of the air, the temperature of the water, and the calmness of the sea.

Not So Silent Seas

At the surface, you hear very little: perhaps the splash of water as a humpback whale breaches the surface or a tail slaps the surface on the way down. Above the surface, the noise is often uniquely human: the roar boat motors, buzzing of airplanes, the thrum of whatever vessel has brought you to sea. There is also the sound of the water: the snapping, slapping, blurping, shooshing, whooshing of the water, depending on the sea's mood. 

A Whole New Take On Sparkling Seas!

Imagine sitting in a kayak in a cluster of mangrove trees in Puerto Rico, the waves gently lapping up against your boat. All around you it is dark; the stars of the night sky provide just enough light to make out the dim shapes of other boats and the curly, tangled branches of the mangroves.