All in Doing Science


A quick research trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. WHOI is one of my (many) favorite places. It's all about hands-on science. The whole village of Woods Hole is dedicated to thinking about ocean research and science. What's not to love?

Oyster Monitoring with NY/NJ Baykeepers!

Oyster monitoring is a pretty hands-on activity. We used plastic pipes to help us walk through the mud, nets to collect organisms in the water, plastic tubs to float oyster baskets back to shore, calipers to measure the size of live oysters, oyster baskets (in the water), and pen and paper on shore!

Tweeting Sharks and Cool Tech

I was so excited to get up this morning and see that Mary Lee, a white shark, tweeted her arrival in Tom’s River, New Jersey! Now that summer is almost here and the waters around New York City are warming up, I'm planning some dives in New York and New Jersey. It's nice to know who I can say hello to on my dives! (Just kidding. Mary Lee will be long gone by the time I hit the Jersey waters.)