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Wisdom: We All Have A Lot to Learn

This is Wisdom. She is a 65-year old albatross. If you do some quick math, think about how old you are, how old your parents are, and how old your grandparents are. Wisdom is probably close in age to your grandparents, which makes her big news pretty awesome. She just became a mom again!

Tweeting Sharks and Cool Tech

I was so excited to get up this morning and see that Mary Lee, a white shark, tweeted her arrival in Tom’s River, New Jersey! Now that summer is almost here and the waters around New York City are warming up, I'm planning some dives in New York and New Jersey. It's nice to know who I can say hello to on my dives! (Just kidding. Mary Lee will be long gone by the time I hit the Jersey waters.)

Can You See Me? Pygmy Seahorses, Masters of Disguise

There are many kinds of seahorses all over the world, but one seahorse that fascinates me is the pygmy seahorse. They are so tiny (2 centimeters) that you can easily miss them underwater. 2 centimeters is about the size of a nickel or the height (not the width) of your space bar on your laptop. In a big ocean full of all kinds of animals, that's a pretty small creature, kind of like looking for an ant in a meadow.