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I'm a New York City based kidlit writer, diver & adventurer. I love sharing the mysteries of the deep with kids of all ages who love adventure.

If I could live anywhere I wanted to, it would be at the bottom of the ocean or in a tree house that I designed myself.

If I were a character in a novel, I'd choose a middle grade adventure novel, just like the kind I like to write! 

Underwater Cereal

What does the ocean sound like? I don't mean the big boom of waves hitting the shore. What does the world underneath the waves sound like? As a scuba diver, I'm pretty lucky because it's something I've heard.

Now, you can too! This summer, researchers released two new sound recordings of coral reefs underwater. You can hear the recordings here.

Mary Beth Griggs, who reported on this new study says that the shrimp on the reef sound like Rice Krispies cereal. What a great description! They do! If you listen carefully, the world underwater is very noisy!

Scientists are trying to learn how listening to coral reefs can help them keep reefs healthy. For example, in some areas, where boats are not allowed, the reefs sound different. All of the noise is underwater noise from the reef and the creatures living around there. On other reefs, you can hear boats buzzing overhead. Like when a large plane flies overhead, the boats are very noisy and become the loudest sound you can hear. Scientists want to learn more about all of these noises.

Hope you enjoy the link to the recordings!


Some Exciting News!

Some Exciting News!

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Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?