What's the Point Of... A Sea Cucumber?

Sometimes, when you’re out in the wild, you come across a creature: an annoying creature, a quiet creature, or a slow moving creature and you think… what’s the point? You’re on a hike and you get besieged by mosquitos. Soon, your arms are covered in itchy red blotches! What’s the point of a MOSQUITO? (More on that later!). Or, you’re walking outside after a rain storm and you come across pink earthworms scattered along the sidewalk. What do earthworms DO anyway? What’s the point?

It's FINally Time! A Diver's Eye View of Ocean Wonders: Shark

I've also had a diver's eye view of Ocean Wonders from the ground-breaking to the opening. I've watched the building go from imagination to reality. Until Ocean Wonders: Sharks opened, we couldn't share any photos, so I decided to wait until the official opening to share a little bit about Ocean Wonders (and so I could show you photos!). 

Remember: the only thing more awesome than a shark... is a LOT of sharks! 

Labyrinth Walk: Peaceful Steps, Magical Friends

If you've never heard of a labyrinth, it's a great way to quiet your brain and take a break. Labyrinths come in many different styles, but no matter what they look like, you follow a path. You can't get lost--you follow one way into the center and the same way back out. (Cool word: unicursal--means one way in and one way out). While you're walking, you're letting go of things that might bother you or that yo might be thinking about. When you get to the middle of the labyrinth, you stop and spend some quiet time in the center. And, when you walk out, hopefully that quiet peace you found in the center, follows you! 

New Yorkers

Even though New York is a huge city with lots of traffic and buildings, we have nature here too. I am totally in love with this new campaign called #WildlifeNYC that is bringing awareness to some of the wild New Yorkers you might see every day


A quick research trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. WHOI is one of my (many) favorite places. It's all about hands-on science. The whole village of Woods Hole is dedicated to thinking about ocean research and science. What's not to love?


SCBWI, the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators holds its winter conference in New York City each year. I've never gone before, in part because I wasn't ready. I've been writing, studying, practicing, and learning about my craft as a children's writer.